Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy?

Is it stretching? Is it massage?

Is it getting a hot pack, cold pack, ultrasound and e-stim?

The answer is, it depends.

Injuries often result in pain, loss of movement and muscle weakness. This prevents you from participating in your sport or exercising. Physical therapists examine and treat many different types of injuries to facilitate the return back to independence.

Dr. Abbate has training in a wide range of movement assessments and treatment techniques. The treatment he uses to get you back to an active lifestyle depends on your specific injury, the examination and the plan of care.

The Plan

A successful return to sport requires a plan.

Dr. Abbate guides patients through three phases of rehabilitation. Each phase progresses one step at a time, preparing the athlete for return to play.

Phase 1 teaches the patient how to manage the pain with functional movements. For example, if you have hip pain with squatting, you will learn a series of exercises to perform to address this. Most often, you are still “allowed” to continue with training. However, modifications may need to be discussed.

Phase 2 addressed balance and coordination deficits that can contribute to poor movement patterns. For example, if you have shoulder pain with reaching overhead, there may be a change in how the muscles move the joints of the shoulder. The second phase will restore normal movement.

Phase 3 prepares you for higher level strength training exercise. This program is designed to improve your confidence and continue to build strength. Exercise prescription is dependent on your specific history, sport and injury.

You will have a comprehensive plan so that if you experience an aggravation of the injury in the future, you can start back again at Phase 1 and progress to Phase 3. And you will be able to do this independently.

It is your plan.