An Injury Coach

Professional athletes have an entire team that guide them from start to finish. A good coach will have a well-developed program based on the strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.

A great coach will listen, learn and turn your weakness into your best asset. They detail every single repetition, set, exercise and rest to take to get to your goal. If any roadblocks come along, their experience and plan can help you navigate around them.

Don’t participate in a sport but still exercise? How do you know which exercise to do? Reps, sets, rest etc…?

I know you follow a plan- whether its an app or YouTube personality- you stick to a plan that’s been tried and true. Why would you accept anything less than the best?

Thats exactly what a good PT can do for you. They understand where you’re at now and where you need to go. A well-developed program will get you from point A to B, with check points along the way to make sure you stay the course.

If you hit any roadblocks, they can be addressed.

Contact us to talk with a physical therapist to see if PT is right for you.