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"We help athletes stay active and competitive, free of pain medication and away from surgery"

Watch the video below to see who Dr. Abbate helps, why he decided to help them and how he does it. 

If you are an athlete training in Miami and are sick and tired of taking medication and time off from your training, this is what you need to know.

Dr. Abbate has helped hundreds of professional athletes make better decisions about their health and successfully return to sport without medicine or surgery.

We understand not everyone is ready to call to set up an appointment. Many athletes have waited months or even years before seeking help. This can be frustrating for competitive athletes, especially if you’ve tried physical therapy before or have already made significant lifestyle changes to accommodate your injury.
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About Dr. Abbate Physical Therapy

A private office that offers exclusive one-on-one physical therapy so that you feel comfortable engaging in treatment. 

No “group therapy” sessions, so you’re not sharing all of your personal information or having strangers stare at you awkwardly while receiving therapy.

You have Dr. Abbate’s undivided attention from start to finish.

Just clean, confidential and effective physical therapy.


About Dr. Abbate

Dr. Cory Abbate

Dr. Cory Abbate graduated from Sacred Heart University with a BS in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2010. He moved down from New York to Miami and continued to study, earning a Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Therapy through the Ola Grimsby Institute.

Over the years, Dr. Abbate has earned several personal training certifications to better prescribe strength training exercises after his patients completed their physical therapy.

While working with professional dancers at Royal Caribbean and Celebrity studios and  professional fighters (MMA, BJJ), he learned that providing emergency medical services was a necessary skillset. So in 2017 he became an Emergency Medical Responder. 

He soon became frustrated that athletes were not receiving the care they needed at traditional PT “clinics” and he opened up his own office in May of 2017 to better serve athletes. Over the years, Dr. Abbate has had the opportunity to work with weekend warrior looking to stay fit throughout their life, and olympians in olympic weight lifting.

About Us

How we help

We help athletes and active individuals take the guesswork out of recovering from an injury to successfully return to sport.


People we help include…

  • Competitive athletes -to care for injuries in-season and off-season
  • Weekend Warriors – to not miss out on their weekend pickup game
  • Health-Conscious Individuals – so you do not lose out on all that hard earned healthy lifestyle

If you are experiencing pain and frustration with having to take time off from your sport, cancelling your weekend games with your friends or getting back into your gym routine, we have the plan to get you back to your life.

You most likely sacrificed a lot of time and committed yourself to a sport. 

Do NOT lose out on more time from training or competing. You can actively participate in your recovery and I can show you how!


Most medical doctors prescribe rest & medicine. These do little to NOTHING for the competitive athlete. Let me help you follow a clearly defined map to return to sport.

I have successfully worked with professional performers, combat sport athletes and olympic weight lifters to get them back to doing what they LOVE BEST!


We help athletes recover from …

  • Tendon and muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Bone fractures
  • Pre & Post Surgery
  • Joint pain
  • Movement restrictions
  • Balance & coordination issues


Our Vision

At Dr. Abbate Physical Therapy we want to offer our patients the opportunity to find relief from pain to return back to your sport or exercise program. Free from medicine and surgery.

Athletes are often frustrated by a lack of a structured return to sport. There are so many questions and these are often not answered. We understand that taking time off from you sport or exercise can be stressful. We hope to alleviate that stress and guide you back to who you want to be- an athlete!


Our Story

Dr. Cory Abbate has been an athlete his entire life- from peewee football to training with world class athletes, Dr. Abbate heard a calling deep within to live an active lifestyle and he found the answer.

An early interest in high school wrestling drew Dr. Abbate to pursue academics in exercise science and a doctorate in physical therapy at the Sacred Heart University.

Upon graduation, Dr. Abbate worked in a typical outpatient physical therapy clinic, but soon discovered this was not the best option that athletes have. Working with four patients every hour left little time to sharpen his manual skills or really develop a strong relationship with the people he was helping.

The opportunity of a lifetime came one day when he was asked to work at Royal Caribbean Studios to help performers one-on-one recover from injury and get back to what they love doing- dance!

After helping out hundreds of elite level performing artists- dancers, acrobats, aerialists & singers, Dr. Abbate finally felt like he could make a lasting impression on improving athletes return to sport.

In pursuit of helping out more people, Dr. Abbate began to work with combat sport athletes and olympic weightlifters. This provided a challenging environment- one that finely tuned a unique approach to physical therapy.


Meet Dr. Cory Abbate

Dr. Cory Abbate was born and raised on Long Island in the state of New York. After graduating from Sacred Heart University in 2010 with a dual degree, he moved down to sunny Miami to practice physical therapy.

Pursuing higher education, Dr. Abbate earned several certifications in personal training, a certification in manual therapy through Ola Grimsby, and is an emergency medical responder.

Dr. Abbate has a deep passion for sports and the athletes that participate in them. As a competitive athlete, he understands that drive to train, perform and repeat.

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