After reading countless books, enjoying many years of working out and playing sports as well as helping out hundreds of athletes recover from sports injuries, I am completely convinced that it is deeply ingrained in human biology to live a life of movement. 

When we move it excites the mind and soul. We feel invigorated, alive and empowered. 

On this site, on my social media platforms and in my own flesh and blood, I offer my entire body of knowledge from emergency medical response to performance-specific strength training and injury recovery to you, the athlete.

My vision is to create generations of athletes – to keep them healthy & injury free so they can enjoy a lifetime of sport. The best possible thing we can do for improving our lives is to maintain a healthy relationship with our bodies.

But I challenge you to do more than that. If you’re an athlete and absolutely love doing what you do, I challenge you to take your neighbor, your friend or family and bring them on the journey to cultivate athleticism. Take them to your next class or workshop. Show them what health means.

I guarantee they will thank you.